Guided Fly Fishing For Bass & Carp In Mountain Home Idaho

Embark on a thrilling guided Fly fishing excursion for carp and bass on the Snake River and CJ Strike Reservoir near Boise, Idaho, led by our skilled guides. With their expertise and guidance, you’ll have an unforgettable trip and an opportunity to catch some of the biggest bass and carp in Idaho. Give us a call today and line up a trip that will have you coming back for more.


Fly Fishing: $600.00 (full day) for 1 or 2 anglers

Bass – With Hammett Valley Fishing Adventures, you can enjoy some of the best guided smallmouth bass fly fishing opportunities available in North America. We commonly see 100 bass days, with the added bonus of potentially hooking other fish species such as large rainbow trout, largemouth bass, northern pike minnow, perch, carp, catfish, and crappie. Our trophy quality is unparalleled, so get ready for an unforgettable fishing adventure and book your trip today!

best guided bass fly fishing idaho

Carp –  Sight-fishing for carp is the closest thing to saltwater fishing there is in the West. With such a spooky, large fish, Fly fishing for carp is akin to tarpon fishing. We sight fish from boats and walk and wade. You really can’t get any closer to bone or tarpon fishing in freshwater than tossing flies at feeding carp!

Idaho Carp Fly Fishing

Included In Package Fees

  • Rods, reels, and tackle
  • Flies
  • Cooler for your lunch
  • Water


  • What do I need to bring on my fly fishing adventure?
    • An Idaho fishing license, weather appropriate clothing, food and drinks, sunscreen, polarized sunglasses (recommended)
  • What kind of boat will we be fly fishing from?
    • Take a look at our meet the guides page to see our fleet of boats
  • How much do I tip my fly fishing guide?
    • A typical gratuity for a fishing guide is 15-20%

Have questions?

Give us a call, we’re here to help!