After Life Taxidermy Services – Lasting Memories from Your Hunts Near Jerome, Idaho

At After Life Taxidermy, every piece we create is a testament to the hunter’s journey, an ode to the wilderness, and a celebration of the hunt. Located in the heart of Southern Idaho, we pride ourselves on turning fleeting moments into everlasting memories through our detailed taxidermy services

Detailed Artistry in Big and Small Game Preservation

The Essence of the Hunt Preserved: Our big and small game taxidermy goes beyond mere preservation. We strive to capture the spirit and essence of each animal, reflecting the profound connection between you and the animal you harvested. Each piece is meticulously crafted, from the dynamic poses to the intricate details, ensuring your mount embodies the beauty and vigor of the moment you harvested it.

Elk Taxidermy Jerome Idaho

Avian Art – Upland and Waterfowl Bird Mounts

A Flight into Permanence: Birds, with their delicate features and vibrant colors, require a masterful touch. Our bird mounts, including both upland and waterfowl species, are prepared with precision and artistry. We preserve the natural grace and motion of each bird, creating a snapshot of their flight frozen in time.

Waterfowl/upland bird Taxidermy Southern Idaho

Custom Display Options – Showcasing Your Trophies

Tailored Displays for Every Setting: Choose from a variety of mounting options to suit your space and style. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a shoulder mount, the immersive scene of a floor pedestal with habitat, or the sleek simplicity of a wall pedestal, we tailor each project to your vision. Our habitat recreations are designed to reflect the natural environment of the animal, adding depth and context to your mount.

Custom Black Bear Taxidermy Idaho

Skull and Bone Artistry – European Mounts

Skeletal Beauty Revealed: Our European mounts highlight the stark beauty of the animal’s skull, offering an alternative aesthetic that complements any space. We employ specialized techniques in skull cleaning and bleaching to ensure a pristine and lasting finish, celebrating the animal’s strength.

elk euro mount twin falls idaho

Preservation Through Tanning

Tanning Services: Our tanning services are designed to preserve the hide with exceptional care, offering you a tangible connection to your harvest. Whether you choose dry, soft, or wet tans, we ensure your hide retains its natural texture and resilience, prepared for display or as a cherished keepsake.


Restoration Taxidermy Services – Renewing Memories

Breathing Life into Legacy Pieces: Time can take its toll on taxidermy, but our restoration services can return your mounts to their former glory. We expertly address cracks, fading, and damage, renewing the vibrancy and detail of each piece, ensuring your memories continue to tell their stories for years to come.

badger mount taxidermy idaho

Your Story, Preserved by After Life Taxidermy In Jerome, Idaho

Your hunting mounts are more than just tokens of success; they are stories of adventure, patience, and the beauty of nature. At After Life Taxidermy, we’re dedicated to preserving these stories with the dignity and realism they deserve. Let us help you bring the essence of the hunt into your home, creating a legacy that speaks of the wild and the spirit of the chase.

Begin the Journey of Preservation

Connect with us to explore how our taxidermy services can immortalize your hunting achievements. Together, we’ll craft a lasting tribute to your passion for the hunt.